Acceptable Use Procedures / Internet Safety Policy

Every member of the Pascagoula School District is required to read the District's Acceptable Use Procedures (AUP) and District Internet Saftey Policy (DISP) once each school year and adhere to the procedures/policies contained. In addition, each member is required to complete a Statement of Assurance (SOA) that they have read, understood, and will comply with the District's Policies and Procedures. The Statement of Assurance can be found below.

Se requiere que cada miembro del Distrito Escolar de Pascagoula lea los Procedimientos del Uso Aceptable y La Póliza de Seguridad de Internet del Distrito una vez al año escolar y que se adhiera a los procedimientos/pólizas que contienen. Además, cada miembro tiene que completar una Declaración de Garantía, asegurando que ha leído, entendido, y aceptado cumplir con las pólizas y procedimientos del Distrito. La Declaración de Garantía se encuentra abajo. 


Employee AUP (English)

 Student AUP (English)

DISP (English)

AUP Statement of Assurance/Declaracion de Garantia
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I have read, understand, and agree with the Acceptable Use Policy and the Internet Safety Policy for the Pascagoula School District and the Procedures for my particular classification. I grant the school district my assurance that I will abide by the policies and procedures. I realize that failure to live up to my assurance to you could result in, but is not limited to, a loss of access privileges, disciplinary action by the school and/or district administration, contact of law enforcement agencies, and/or legal action.
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By typing in your district email address ( below, this is considered your digital signature in the submission of this Acceptable Use Policy Statement of Assurance.
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