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  • Manager of Human Resources
        Cindy Brister 
        Phone: (228) 938-6506 
        Email Cindy Brister

    Responsible for: Contracts, Supplements, Workers' Comp., TAMIS, Family and Medical Leave, Donated Leave, MS Ed License Renewal, Retirement

  • Human Resources
        Susan Maniscalco
        Phone: (228) 938-6506 
        Email Susan Maniscalco

    Responsible for: Job Postings, Personnel Documentation, Change of Name/Address

  • Bookkeeper, Payroll
        Julie Simone 
        Phone: (228) 938-6202 
        Email Julie Simone

    Responsible for: Direct Deposit, Salary information, Payroll Checks, Time-Keeping/Payroll Processing

  • Bookkeeper, Employee Benefits
        Jackie Theisen 
        Phone: (228) 938-6510 
        Email Jackie Theisen

    Responsible for: Health, Life, Disability, Vision, Dental Insurance

  • Bookkeeper, Payroll
        Elise Faggard     

        Phone: (228) 938-6517 
        Email Elise Faggard

    Responsible for: Direct Deposit, Salary information, Payroll Checks, Time-Keeping/Payroll Processing, Tamis

Welcome! to the Pascagoula-Gautier School District's Human Resources page.

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Human Resources News
Considering Retirement?

See the PERS website Public Employees Retirement System of Mississippi for seminar dates and registration information.  We strongly encourage employees to attend a meeting with PERS once becoming eligible to retire.

Online Licensure Renewal

Once you have submitted your renewal application, please send your original documentation to Cindy Brister in Human Resources in order to complete the renewal process.  When the process Is complete, you can go to "Licensure Look-up" on the ELMS log-in page to print your MS Ed. License.
Click here for procedures: Renewal Memo


Deferred Compensation   See more at:  Mississippi Deferred Compensation Plan

FMLA Employee Rights and Responsibilities